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NL / The Netherlands


Meet Nielos, the Frenchcore virtuoso whose journey through the beats began on the airwaves of the renowned “Ben Harder” radioshow, broadcasted on major stations. Initially immersed in Industrial hardcore and hardcore, Nielos found his heart beating to the rhythm of Frenchcore.

Fueling his passion, he ventured into production, crafting collaborative and solo tracks that caught the attention of Phrenetikal Records, marking his first official release. Transitioning to Gabber.FM, Nielos not only hosted his show, “This is Frenchcore,” but also played a pivotal role in managing the station alongside other talented DJs and producers.

As his star ascended, Nielos showcased his skills at monumental events like Hellbound, Footworxx, and even graced a Spanish festival stage. In 2016, he carved his own path by founding Frenchkickz Records, establishing his label and event-hosting venture. To this day, Nielos continues to leave an indelible mark on the global hardcore scene, now as the proud owner of Frenchkickz Records.

For a sonic exploration into Nielos’s world, check out his tracks on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. His beats tell a story of passion, progression, and an unwavering dedication to the heart-pounding realm of Frenchcore.



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