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Toxic Inside

Toxic Inside

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Born in the obscure realms of the Netherlands in 1995, ToXic Inside is an enigmatic force within the Uptempo Hardcore circuit, thriving in the depths of the underground. Steeped in the clandestine culture of rebellious beats and sonic experimentation, he emerged as a shadowy figure pushing the boundaries of hardcore music.

ToXic Inside’s journey began in the clandestine corners of his personal studio, where he meticulously crafted a sonic arsenal that resonates with the grit and intensity of the underground. Eschewing mainstream conventions, he embraced distorted kicks, industrial textures, and an uncompromising edge that set him apart as a purveyor of sonic rebellion.

Within the clandestine venues and undisclosed locations of the underground scene, ToXic Inside’s sound found a devoted following. His tracks, pulsating with an unapologetic energy, became the anthems for those seeking refuge in the subterranean enclaves of electronic music. The Dutch underground, with its dark authenticity, provided the breeding ground for ToXic Inside’s sonic insurgency.

As a performer, ToXic Inside brought his dark alchemy to intimate gatherings and secret raves, where the boundary-pushing beats became rituals for the subculture he helped define. In the shadows, he curated an experience that transcended the conventional, leaving an indelible mark on those who ventured into the depths of his sonic domain.

ToXic Inside remains an elusive figure, navigating the clandestine currents of Uptempo Hardcore. With each covert release and clandestine performance, he continues to shape the narrative of a genre that thrives on its rebellious and uncharted nature. In the underbelly of hardcore music, ToXic Inside stands as a symbol of sonic insurgency, a mysterious force pushing the limits of what the underground can achieve.



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