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NL / Netherlands


Meet Refuzer, a rising force in the Hard Dance scene with a mission to unleash havoc on the dancefloor. His journey into the world of music began at the tender age of twelve when he first dipped his toes into the art of DJing. However, it wasn’t until the age of fourteen that Refuzer encountered the electrifying world of harder styles, instantly falling in love with the intensity and energy of this musical genre.

In 2018, after a three-year hiatus, Refuzer made a triumphant return to DJing. He wasted no time in making his mark on the scene by organizing hardcore parties in The Hague. Unfortunately, the onset of the global pandemic disrupted live events, but Refuzer wasn’t one to be deterred. In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, he launched The Quarantine Harddance Show, a venture that garnered significant success and showcased his resilience and creativity.

Refuzer’s determination and talent haven’t gone unnoticed, earning him slots on prestigious platforms such as the 24-hour livestream of Harder Kan Toch Niet, exclusive 100-person parties in PKHS, Hardcore Reload, Impulsive Events, FrenchKickz and Harder, Sprinky’s B-Day Bash, Hard Rave, and various bookings in Germany.

Known for his insane on-stage energy and formidable kicks, Refuzer lives by the motto of destroying every stage with his hard sound. His debut official release, ‘Bushokjespraktijken,’ in collaboration with ToXic Inside, marked a significant milestone in his career.

Stay updated on Refuzer’s upcoming performances by checking out his Instagram, and brace yourself for the impact as he continues to carve his path through the Hard Dance scene, leaving a trail of sonic destruction in his wake.



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